Iron man robot suits to be commercialized in Korea

Iron man robot suits to be commercialized in Korea

입으면 힘 세지는 한국판 ‘아이언맨 슈트’ 나온다
If you’ve been dreaming of strapping on your own “Iron Man” armor, well you might get your wish granted sooner than you think.
Korean auto giant Hyundai Motor unveiled its very cool robot exoskeleton that the carmaker claims allows the wearer to lift hundreds of kilograms.
Hyundai sees the exoskeleton as being useful in factories, the military, and in physical rehabilitation in the future.
Kim Mok-yeon has more on what reminds more than a little of the suits worn in the Tom Cruise flick “Edge of Tomorrow.”

Korean auto giant Hyundai Motor Group has unveiled photos of robot exoskeletons through its blog post on Friday, after 6 years of research and development in the area.
Just like in the famous Hollywood blockbuster “Iron Man”, the wearable robotic device is used to give the controller extra strength and assistance.
Hyundai said that the new technology can be applied in many areas including national defense, production, and even physical rehabilitation.
The exoskeleton still under development can make it possible for the wearer to lift an object weighing over 60 kg and assist him or her in physical movements.

“To help the people walk, going upstairs and down stairs and just for a better life quality.”

Major large firms in and out of the country are also striving to develop and make use of the wearable robot technology in various industries.

Kim Mok-yeon, Arirang News.

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